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Coaching and Leadership Development

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Executive Coaching

We coach managers, executives and business owners who want to who want to boost their results and push themselves to the next level of success. This is for those clients who want to:

  • use self-awareness methodologies to make decisions
  • increase their problem-solving capabilities
  • develop their leadership skills
  • engage their own strengths to support their people’s contributions
  • increase motivation levels
  • increase general cognition at work.

This is usually on a one-on-one setting, either face-to-face (preferable) or online/phone calls.

Career Coaching and Aspiring Leader Coaching

This is a one-one-one coaching programme that uses a Co-Active approach to enable our clients to identify clear goals, clarify their values and work on beliefs in order to build the work-life and career that inspires them to be the best version of themselves. This programme usually helps our clients with the following goals:

  • find a career path that they can be inspired by
  • finally be selected for more senior roles that they have always wished for but haven’t dare to apply for
  • boost self-confidence and find out their strenghths
  • go for that promotion that they deserve
  • gain the necessary insights on how to plan for their career future

This is usually done through 4 or 5 face-to-face or online coaching sessions.

Coaching Training for Managers

This is a group training programme for managers and leaders that want to learn the coaching approach to leadership. The programme is customized according to the client company’s distinct needs and the level of seniority of the participants. Some insights that the participants of this programme will leave with include:

  • understanding of the leadership mindset
  • applying neuroscience and positive psychology principles to their leadership style
  • identify their strengths as leaders
  • develop confidence in their skills
  • executing a coaching system within their workplace
  • applying the coaching process to their day-to-day interactions with their teams and their colleagues
  • stretch their problem-solving capabilities and those of their team
  • create lasting change within themselves and their organization

Leadership Development

The CLEAR Leadership Coaches will help you create a Leadership Development program customized to your organization’s unique needs that will change the behavior of your leaders, having a lasting impact on your customers, your employees and ultimately transform your business.

A CLEAR Coaching Program is a customized six-month leadership development program that consists of the following elements:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: An assessment of your Company’s Leadership Pipeline will be done through a workshop with ExCom & a battery of leader individual assessments to give a clear snapshot of leader readiness across your organization.
  • Leadership Training: Participants will undergo 3 training programs on Leadership Practices & Development, Performance Coaching; & Project Management & Strategy Execution
  • Executive Coaching: Further support for the participants is given in-between Intensives through e-Coaching, Tele-Coaching and House Calls from the CLEAR Coaching Consultants
  • Actionable Individual Development Plans: Participants work on a targeted individual development plan developed from the assessments given so as to build on their strengths & work on opportunities for improvement.
  • Results-Oriented Research Projects: Real life application is demonstrated in stretch projects that push out and expand comfort zones and have immediate business impact.

The CLEAR Coaching Program aims to develop exceptional leaders but also achieve consistent, long-term behavior change that supports your business strategy.

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