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May 28, 2020

New Normal Competencies (Series): Tech Savvy




The world today is defined by our technological advances and innovations. It is fitting to say that nowadays, humans are dependent on technology as we rely heavily on our appliances, gadgets, vehicles, and all the other technological equipment we make use of at the present. Every day, we are one step closer in inventing new technology, whether it is automation, machinery, telecommunications, etc.

In the past, being open to new ideas and being able to adapt to change was challenging enough. Now, we came to realize that the speed of adapting to change determines how well we like now and how well we could live in the future. Especially when it comes to technology, those who embrace it and use it as a leverage already have the upper hand. The world is advancing at a fast rate, as well as the humans living in it. Funnily enough, a three-year-old can more swiftly navigate through an iPad than most elderly people.


According to Terry Bickham (2019), “Market dynamics, including transformative technologies and tools like digital, cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence, are changing our clients’ focus, needs, and behaviors.” This is why one’s workplace is driven by technology more and more. Factories previously full of laborers are now filled with machinery and automation that operate more sufficiently than a human as it never tires. Companies invest in technology to maximize profits and income in the long run. In addition, there are companies doing video verification, using the latest technology to protect both their businesses and their customers from online scams. Every year, something new is being brought up in a workplace whether it is a new appliance, machine, software, or application. It is seemingly noticeable that the right combination of technological investment and a modernized mindset will make it easier to capitalize the opportunities presented to you. Beckham also states that “tech savviness is going beyond passive knowledge to a level where professionals can engage with disruptive technologies and put that knowledge to use in client engagements.” (Beckham, 2019) An individual who is tech savvy is not hesitant to discuss disruptive technologies to clients or to implement it on his/her work.


Being tech savvy does not mean one has to be equipped with extensive technological knowledge. Rather, it means that one is comfortable with the use and the constant update of technology in one’s work by producing modern solutions, referring clients to relevant contacts, being well informed by the technological advancements in today’s society, and being able to connect the business opportunities to the technological aspect of things.

Although it varies from business to business, to be tech savvy, one must generally embrace the culture of continuous learning. Visit https://www.profilebusinessphotography.com/. Curiosity helps in developing new skills and mastering new methods. One must also be able to identify advantageous material and opportunities and using modern resources that will bring one’s work forward in a faster, more efficient and effective way.  After all, we are all judged by the results that we deliver.  The more and better ways we think of delivering our results through the effective use of technology, the higher the number of opportunities we will generate to increase our work-life balance, thus ultimately improving our quality of life.





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