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OD, HR and Talent Management

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Organizational Development

Our OD team have been working with start-ups and multinational companies throughout their careers. We use coaching at the heart of all our programmes, including OD. We work with clients to assess their organizational development needs and recommend the best solutions that will create an impact on the organization’s business.

HR Services

We are business and HR professionals with experience across Asia and Europe. We provide consulting work for strategic HR services. Our aim is that your internal HR staff become confident and fully independent in addressing any future HR needs of your organization.

Talent Management

We provide a range of Talent Management services to our clients. We work with you to develop customized programmes that ensure you:

  • have clear progression opportunities for your talent at all levels
  • increase talent retention
  • develop your talent at the right level at the right time
  • create a succession plan for your critical roles
  • hire at the right levels and promote internally where possible
  • have consistent processes across the business that are in line with your talent trajectory

Leadership Development

The CLEAR Leadership Coaches will help you create a Leadership Development program customized to your organization’s unique needs that will change the behavior of your leaders, having a lasting impact on your customers, your employees and ultimately transform your business.

A CLEAR Coaching Program is a customized six-month leadership development program that consists of the following elements:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: An assessment of your Company’s Leadership Pipeline will be done through a workshop with ExCom & a battery of leader individual assessments to give a clear snapshot of leader readiness across your organization.
  • Leadership Training: Participants will undergo 3 training programs on Leadership Practices & Development, Performance Coaching; & Project Management & Strategy Execution
  • Executive Coaching: Further support for the participants is given in-between Intensives through e-Coaching, Tele-Coaching and House Calls from the CLEAR Coaching Consultants
  • Actionable Individual Development Plans: Participants work on a targeted individual development plan developed from the assessments given so as to build on their strengths & work on opportunities for improvement.
  • Results-Oriented Research Projects: Real life application is demonstrated in stretch projects that push out and expand comfort zones and have immediate business impact.

The CLEAR Coaching Program aims to develop exceptional leaders but also achieve consistent, long-term behavior change that supports your business strategy.

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